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    InDesign CS6 Frequent Crashing on OS X Mavericks

    Paul Watson 80



      I recently installed OSX Mavericks only to find that InDesign CS6 frequently fails to launch, and also quits randomly once it does manage to launch.




      • crash on launching InDesign CS6
      • InDesign crashes after a short but inconsitent period of time
      • crashes when Exporting to PDF, before the options dialogue appears



      Getting a bit baffled, just wondering if anyone has some ideas. I also have CC installed and InDesign CC seems to function fine. CS6 was fine before installed OS X Mavericks.


      So far I've tried the following:

      • checked and applied recent updates
      • checked the permissions of ~/Library/Preferences/Adobe InDesign/Version8.0/ are set to read/write and applied to all enclosed files and folders
      • resetting my system caches (i.e. Safe Boot)
      • cleared my font caches
      • reinstalled CS6



      I've attached a report below, hopefully something might standout to someone.