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    xml page markers


      I work with an xml first work-flow, so we send typesetters xml, which is returned to us as xml and can then be transformed into epub.

      The problem we have concerns indexes. When we receive the xml back from the typesetter, we run it through a number of XSLTs to get it into epub. In order to get the index to link though, we need to manually go into the xml and insert page markers. I just wanted to know whether it is possible (in ID6) to automatically "drop" a page marker (it doesn't have to correspond to the actual page number) at the start/end of each page and have that marker export with the xml? the markers can all be the same because the XSLT automatically numbers them during the transform.


      Sorry if this is a stupid question, I don't work as much with InDesign as the typesetters, so I wanted to clarify whether this possible.



      Thank you for any help.