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    Project crashed - RH9

    MarionJD Level 1

      We have made some changes for security reasons, and my regular host address no longer works. when I entered an IP address as the host for ftp publishing, my whole project crashed and I can't re-open it..  I don't have a recent backup, though I can patch something together. I'm hoping I can do something with individual files to solve the problem.


      The files that changed, according to the timestamp, were:


      The cpd file (I already renamed that so it would rebuild - didn't help)

      The .ldb file


      The pss file


      Is there anything I can do with any of these files to solve the problem?


      Thanks for any help...



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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi Marion.


          If those are the only files that have been marked as changed, they just carry on as normal with your current project.


          The .LDB file is just a temporary version of the MS Access file used as part of your RH project. See http://forums.adobe.com/thread/85075 for further details. The othe files are also either temporary or can be deleted. When they are not there, they are recreated. With the .PSS file, this stores some additional information used by the Single Source Layouts. You may find if you delete it that your SSL properties need to be reset, but that's about it.

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            MarionJD Level 1

            Thanks, Colum.  Unfortunately, deleting the files didn't work.  I ended up rebuilding the project from an outdated backup.  Fortunately, it was just the master project - all the real content was in the merged projects, and they were safe.


            Do you or anyone else have any tips for working with a secured ftp site?  I've tried entering the full ftps:// address as the host, but RH9 can't get into the site, so I can't publish directly.  I can work around it by copying the generated file, but I'd like to solve the problem.

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              RoboColum(n) Level 5

              Sorry that my solution didn't work Marion. At least you have a workaround. I don't use FTP at all so I was more or less fumbling around to see if anyone else had come across the same issue. Of the main contributors to this forum, I don't believe any of them use FTP to publish either. Hopefully someone else will pipe up with a crumb of wisdom.