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    InDesign not saving certain files


      Any idea how to solve the following issues?

      I have 6 versions of a 32pp A5 InDesign document, each one a different language. Working on them all yesterday. 4 worked fine, and saved all the work done on them. 2 appeared to be working most of the day, and saved work I was doing in them until about 3pm. However, these both say that they were last saved 2 days previous. Since 3pm, neither of these documents has saved any work done, and I haven't been able to save or close the documents, with or without saving changes. To close InDesign I have to Force Quit. The InDesign Lock Files appear to remain open even though the documents are not open. I have tried saving the documents under a different name, but that doesn't work. The colour of my pasteboard also reset itself to the default colour.


      My colleague started getting these issues a couple of days before I did in a similar document she was working on. She did a lot of work on the document one day, and saved regularly. However the next day she went into the document and found that none of her work had been saved, and the document says it was last saved on 14th November! Because of this, she created a new document, and was copying everything from the problem document over into the new one. That appeared to be working initially, however some work she did in the new document wasn't saved, though other work that was done in it later was saved.