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    Dual monitors (playback setup)

    JesB Level 1

      Hi folks!


      Is there anyone who knows if it is possible to set up AE as picture below (a dual monitor setup)?
      And that the monitor setup opens every time I open ae.


      Skjermbilde (37).jpg







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          Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

          This is not currently possible in AE unless you use third party hardware, such as cards from AJA, Blackmagic, or Matrox and have your 2nd monitor connected to that hardware and set up in AE's Video Preview preferences.


          An alternative you can currently use is to drag the Comp panel over to the 2nd monitor and expand it to full screen. The window UI will still surround the image and not look quite as nice as the full-screen preview. This is as close as you'll get without third party hardware. (To emulate that screen shot closer, so that the comp appears on both monitors, create a 2nd, locked copy of the Comp viewer. From the menu on the tab of the Comp panel, choose New Comp Viewer.)


          The good news: we are actively working on adding 2nd monitor full-screen preview for a version of After Effects that will release next year, probably in Spring. I've got a very early of this working here in my office right now.

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            Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

            Addendum: I forgot about another option in AE that currently exists: in the Preview panel, there is a checkbox for Full Screen. If you enable this, when you RAM preview the preview will be displayed full screen, but only on the monitor where the main application frame for AE exists.


            To use this option to accomplish what you want, you would need to:

            1. Move the main application frame to your 2nd monitor.

            2. Move all of the panels out of the main application frame and back to your primary montior. You can regroup them into a single window there. You only need to leave a single panel in the main application frame on the 2nd monitor; I'd recommend a 2nd comp viewer as I described in my last post.


            Don't forget to save this arrangement as a new workspace.


            Note that even by doing this, the full screen preview only occurs when you RAM Preview, not during scrubbing. Also, "full screen" really means "1:1 pixels", so if your comp size is smaller than the monitor's resolution, the difference will be filled in by gray pixels (the UI color defined in the Appearance preferences).

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              JesB Level 1

              Thanks for your reply!

              Hope the new feature will be ready soon

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                I'd really like this feature to be added to After Effects.

                It work's well with wireless connectivity to a smart tv in Premiere Pro, and so I hope it can work just the same for AE.


                Thanks for adding this!

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                  Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  This feature is present in the current version of After Effects. Look in the help document for how to use the Mercury Transmit feature. I believe it was added in CC 2014, but I could be wrong.