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    what is "eid###"


      I have opened up the animate JS files in dreamweaver, what is the "eid###" and where can I find it to create a custom function? I am trying to copy and paste a funtion that works for images, but does not work for text.

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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, jbelsher-


          I don't quite understand what you're talking about.  We don't have anything called an EID in our product.  Can you clarify?




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            Ethelwild Level 1



            I find "eid" in my files such as "index_edge.js" - relating to the timeline. Perhaps this is the reference jbelsher was making:


            timelines: {

                  "Default Timeline": {

                     fromState: "Base State",

                     toState: "",

                     duration: 4250,

                     autoPlay: true,

                     timeline: [

                        { id: "eid15", tween: [ "style", "${__04-DSC4716}", "left", '543px', { fromValue: '375px'}], position: 828, duration: 2000 },

                        { id: "eid21", tween: [ "style", "${__01-DSC_1042}", "opacity", '1', { fromValue: '0'}], position: 2250, duration: 1578 },

                        { id: "eid47", tween: [ "style", "${_tbgallery1}", "opacity", '1', { fromValue: '0.000000'}], position: 3750, duration: 250 },