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    legends on objects


      I am unnable to put legends on insert objectes because the indesign menu of objects>legends only as the "legend configuration" active. The objects are insert.

      I woud like also to know if its possible to put a legend with rectangles and lines or circles in order to identifie the names of the different graphic anotations that I have in the design of the object I insert.

      I have the ID CC

      Thanks for help.

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          Doc Maik Level 4

          "The objects are inserted." Past, adverb.


          You first need to setup the legends, then your can put it for every object you want (static or dynamic legend).

          But you can only assign paragraph styles to it, so no frame or similar.


          However, I do not recommend using the legend function. Better make a rectangular frame, assign it as text, write your object name and format for auto-numbering etc. and the copy and paste to every other object. So you have full control.

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            farolim Level 1

            Thank you very much for the grammar correction and for the the explanation. If I write in portuguese I will be able to do a good verbs conjugation! Forever I woud like to know why my indesign program, with the object mark has'nt the possibility of choose all the different possibilities of captations.