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    How to structure several scenes (in symbols) on the main stage timeline




      I'm new to edge animate but have a Flash background and I'm working in Edge Animate on a game which is structured in several scenes. Each scene I did put in a symbol. Now I wonder how to build the main timeline or the "story - controller" so to speak. I have all the scenes but I do not know how to connect them.


      In Flash it was possible to add keyframes of scenes one after another (like stairs) and jump forward or backward if needed to load the movie clips. In Edge Animate all scenes (or symbols) are in place from the beginning of the timeline and I cannot move the symbol to a later keyframe. Of course I can move animations in the timeline. The only way I think is to hide the symbols first and make them visible if needed. But this does not seem to be the right way and I don't understand the concept of structuring complex animations yet.


      I would like to know how to structure several scenes in Edge Animate properly. Something like a scene loader or unloader would be useful. Highly appriciate any hints to a solution.



      Thank you,