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    You cannot embed this FLV file because it consumes too much memory.


      So I'll start out by saying that I'm a computer/networking support tech that has been tasked with "encoding" (for lack of a better term) video. I'm not at all trained in Flash video and have some amatuer experince in CS6 for light video (Premier) editing and graphic design (Photoshop).


      Now to the problem.


      We take file of different types, convert them to FLV and then embed them into SWF files. We have to do this to meet the requirments of an online training company that we work with. I have a video that is a touch over 10 minutes that includes audio. I've "encoded" it into a FLV file and the size is 30.8mb. I start Flash Pro CS6, under create from template> media playback> title safe are HDTV 1080 (which is the correct size for the video). Once the template opens I click File> Import video> select the video> embed FLV in SWF...> Next. The window now shows "symbol type: embed video" and all 3 check boxes are checked. Then Next> Finish. I've used this method many times before, but with smaller videos, and it's worked great. This time I get the following error "You cannot embed this FLV file because it consumes too much memory. ..." I've been told byt the company that it is possible to create the SWF file, but that they use different software.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated! Please ask any questions and I will respond ASAP!