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    Help with Flash Export Process:

    SeanAndSuch Level 1

      Hi all.


      I'm using Flash CC on a Windows 8 system. The specs are i7-3770, 12GB RAM, 128GB SSD, etc.

      When we create flash animations, we look at the SWF and it looks fantastic. 

      YouTube unfortunately doesn't accept SWF as a valid file type.

      This is where things start to get hairy.


      Someone suggested I export PNGs as a sequence along with the audio and then add these to a program such as Adobe Premiere or After Effects.

      Is it normal for a 5 minute animation @ 30fps to take nearly 5 hours to export the PNGs?


      I'd like to think my system is strong enough to do it a bit quicker than this.


      FYI - Flash CC no longer has the ability to export as a PNG sequence (Flash Pro CS6 still has it).


      I tried using export > video in Flash CC to generate an MOV.  This creates an MOV that is 12GB+.

      I can't believe a 5 minute MOV could even become that large.  I then use the Adobe Media Encoder to compress the MOV into an MP4.  This works no problem but no matter what settings I try, the colors don't seem as vivid as the SWF.

      Everything has this slight dullness to it and I can't figure out why.  Both the MOV with the huge file size and the compressed MP4 lack the vividness in color the SWF has.


      Can anyone here share with me the export process they use for an HD animation that can be uploaded to YouTube?


      Any help would be appreciated.




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          Im not sure the best route for you but I'd play with the video compression settings when your exporting from Flash to MOV. What compression setting are you using?

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            SeanAndSuch Level 1

            In Adobe Media Encoder I have tried the following:

            Format:    H.264


            Preset:     Match Source - High Bitrate

            Preset:     HD 720p 29.97

            Preset:     YouTube HD 720p 29.97


            I would have thought one of those would have given me the results I was after.

            And again, it's the colors that aren't coming out as crisp and bright as they should.


            I'm on a different computer now with a different monitor and went through the motions to try and show you what I'm talking about.


            Of course now all of a sudden the difference is minimal.  In the screenshot below, the SWF is on the right and the compressed MP4 using "Match Source - High Bitrate" is on the left. 


            I feel like I'm going crazy because now I don't see a difference...


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              Ya looks the same... but what compression setting for video did you use for exporting the MOV from Flash?

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                SeanAndSuch Level 1

                I used whatever the default settings would be as this was a fresh install of Flash CC.  I didn't make any adjustments. I just click FILE > EXPORT > EXPORT VIDEO

                It made an MOV on my Desktop.

                I'm home now and have checked some things and this is what I'm finding.

                When you are in Flash CC and click FILE > EXPORT > EXPORT VIDEO and choose a path, an MOV is made that is gigantic.  This gigantic file actually looks like it's supposed to.

                It's when I convert the MOV to MP4 where the colors become washed out.

                You can see it in the examples attached.

                One is washed out (b) and the other isn't (a). 

                The washed out one was converted from MOV to MP4 using Adobe Media Encoder CC with the "Match Source - High Bitrate" preset.

                How can I get the MP4 to come out with the same colors as the MOV?a.PNG


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                  You can change the Quicktime export settings after you select save path and quicktime window pops up click quicktime setings, then video settings then compression to MP4

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                    SeanAndSuch Level 1

                    I'm not sure where you are seeing that Quicktime export settings.

                    When I click FILE > EXPORT > EXPORT VIDEO in Flash CC I'm presented with the first image shown below.

                    After I choose a path and click EXPORT it creates an MOV on the Desktop and opens Adobe Media Encoder CC.

                    From there I have some options (shown in the 2nd image).



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                      oh ..... I guess they took that setting out, I only have CS5.5 and assumed it was still a available option sorry.


                      heres what mine looks like

                      Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 2.00.15 PM.png


                      Does the quicktime settings show up when you uncheck convert video in adobe media encoder?

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                        SeanAndSuch Level 1

                        Hey. Sorry for the delayed response.

                        Just wanted to say that if I uncheck that box before clicking export it simply creates the MOV in the folder specified. No further options are displayed.

                        At this point what we're going to do is create the beautiful but LARGE .MOV file and then convert it to an F4V. It seems to look the best and although YouTube doesn't list it as an accepted file format, it does indeed work.

                        It seems to keep the quality and color as close to the original as possible.

                        Thanks for trying to help me out here man.

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                          yup thanks for update. good luck!