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    Viewing pdf files in Union Bank's site


      When we login to Union Bank's site, and we try to view a pdf file, a pop up message appears stating "It appears that your system either does not have the software needed to view the requested document or, if it does, the software is not properly configured.  If you are unable to view the document see your system administrator about installing or reconfiguring a viewer such as Adobe Viewer."

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          CtDave Level 5

          It seems that Union Bank's IT team have made some erroneous assumptions about what end-users have/must have installed.

          When an account query results in a report output to a PDF that is created per ISO 32000-1 (the ISO Standard for PDF) then that PDF will always be able to be rendered by versions of Adobe Reader and Acrobat.

          If other non-Adobe PDF viewers are used the same is true IF these viewers comply with ISO 32000 (not all do eh).


          It is most probable that your bank has some wrong assumptions and should make the needed corrections.



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