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    Filename with Umlaut in cfexecute outputFile attribute

    rspitzmd Level 1



      I'm running CF10 on SLES11 (Linux) and am experiencing a problem when using Filenames with German umlaut characters (ä,ü,ü etc.) for the outputFile attribute. These filenames are mangled in the Linux filesystem, e.g. "Anästhesie" becomes "An?sthesie".


      Same thing happens when umlaut characters are used with "cffile action='write'" in the file attribute, so it is not an option to write the output of cfexecute into a variable and then write the content of that variable to a file using the cffile tag.


      I'm pretty sure this is a character set encoding problem, but don't know how to solve it. AFAIK, CF10 uses UTF-8 encoding by default, the filesystem uses ISO-8859-15. How can I make CF store the correct filename in the filesystem?


      The filenames are the result of a database query and should remain unchanged so the database reference isn't broken. I'd prefer not having to resort to converting the filenames to pure ASCII (e.g. ä -> ae)

      before passing them as outputFile attribute.


      Regards, Richard