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    Foreworks MX 2004 help, not used for ages

      I have an image on a letter header that I want to put at the top of our club website. When I open it in FW the background it white. I have made that transparent, and saved it. When I intregate it into the site, all around the edges, 2 -3 pixels seem to stay white, it is on a faded silver background on the site. How can I get rid of the white, so that the image sits seamlessly on the background?
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          pixlor Level 4
          Careful hand editing.

          Or...do you have the image in a larger size, or in an original vector format? If so, you can start over from a different source.

          The problem is that the original image was anti aliased to a white background. The colors of the edges of the image were blended with white to make a visually smooth line. That halo you're seeing is from the blended colors.

          If you can start with a larger image, then you can carefully edit more of the blended colors, then resize smaller.

          If you can start with the original vector format, then you can anti-alias that to your silver background and make everything except the new blended colors transparent.

          Finally, if you can't do either, take your original image and place it on a silver background. Carefully use a soft-edged erasing tool to blur and soften the edges.