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    v6 & v7 question

      I work in an office and we have RoboHelp 6 and some want to upgrade to RoboHelp 7. For those that get RoboHelp 7, will they be able to save documents from 7 to 6 and have 6'ers be able to access those documents or will they not work together like that?
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          Hi jebs_girl and welcome to our community

          No version of RoboHelp HTML has ever been backward compatible with earlier versions. Once you go with the new version, it makes changes to your project that prevent the older version from opening it up.

          Now that's not to say it can't be done. For years I've been able to open older projects in a variety of ways. But I believe version 7 presents a new wrinkle here. I've tried opening a project in 7 then opening in the older version. Seems fine, but the older version always tosses an error message and closes RoboHelp when you close the project. We still don't know why.

          Cheers... Rick