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    Submit button is not working

    govgirl 123

      I have created a fillable web form using the FormsCentral app on my mac.


      It has a couple of required fields, and a couple of show/hide fields.


      It tests perfectly, and we sent out a link to the formscentral link to all staff and for some people it does not work. They can see the form and fill in data, but the show/hide stuff doesn't perform correctly and the submit button doesn't work.


      Works for me in Safari and Firefox, and seems sketchy in IE - works for some but not others.


      Any thoughts?

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

          The first thing to confirm is that the form is an HTML/web form and not a PDF embedded in the browser, if it is a PDF please see this FAQ: http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-4142


          Assuming you or your customers/users are having problems submitting the HTML/web form - the most common cause of show/hide logic not working and the Submit button not working is Javascript is not enabled in the web browser.


          Some things to try (since instructions for each item vary per browser google the steps for the browser you are using):

          • Confirm that Javascript is enabled (required for FormsCentral forms):
          • http://www.javatester.org/javascript.html
          • Clear the browser cache
          • Try disabling browser plugins
          • If using Internet Explorer check to see if the page is in "Compatibility View" mode and if so try turning it off
          • Try a different web browser


          I know that this is made more difficult by the fact that it is not you reporting this issue but your customers and you may not have acess to try the steps above...


          If these steps don't resolve the issue please respond with the operating system you are on (Mac or Windows) and which web browser and version you are using.


          You can send me the URL to your form at jcorey@adobe.com so I can try in IE on Windows to confirm that in general it works (or identify an issue if it does not).




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            govgirl 123 Level 1

            Hi Josh,

            Thanks for your off-line help. I'm responding back on the forum in case my ignorance can help someone in future.


            I asked our internal IT to look at the settings of the computers that were having problems because it was working well for most people.


            It was due to "compatibility mode" in Internet Explorer 10. It needed to be turned on, not off.


            Since the form is already live, I guess I should add a line at the bottom suggesting they contact IT if they do not receive a confirmation message after they hit the submit button.


            In future, is there anything I can do when designing the forms to ensure it is easily accessible by everyone in our company? I guess I'm not sure if FormsCentral is going to be a better solution for us than a regular old pdf form that we host on our servers.

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