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    2x780 Ti?


      I'm building a Pr/Ae workstation for a friend.  He was going to buy a fully decked out Mac Pro (at least $5000), and I managed to talk him out of it.  His main goal is to be able to work with 4k video.  I was going to get him a Quadro, but then I started researching and was quickly dissuaded.  Long story short, I've decided on getting at least one 780 Ti.  What my question is, though, when using Multi-GPU in Pr/Ae CC, would it use the combined CUDA cores and VRAM of 2 cards?  If I understand correctly, SLI only uses the GPU of both cards, and not the VRAM, so if it doesn't use SLI and instead uses different Multi-GPU support, would it use both 3gb of VRAM, adding up to 6gb total?