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    Down-Level Poster loading link in frame

    JeffSydor Level 1

      Okay so here's my problem


      • I have an animating banner on my homepage that I want to link to another page. The same way that static image banners work.
      • The click action set up inside the animation works perfectly in all browsers other than IE 8 and below.
      • In IE 8 and below, the animation is replaced with a frame with the "Poster.png" image with a link; as expected.
      • When the image is clicked, it loads the new page inside the frame where "Poster.png" was located. Not in the enclosing window.


      I've tried every Link Target that is available as well as some custom JS and JQuery scripts with no resolve.


      If someone has had this happen before and can help me find a solution, it would be much appreciated.


      Thank You!