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    Crashing with object with effect


      Hi all,


      One of my InDesign (CS6) files has recently started to make the program crash.  Basically, I can open the document, but it doesn't fully load.  If I try to close the program, I get an error saying InDesign has stopped working and it crashes.  When I reopen the file, it opens ok and I have to resave it, but the next time I open it it does the same thing.


      I narrowed it down the cause to a simple box I had created with some inner glow effects. So I saved an indd file that only contains a single box with an inner glow effect and that is producing the same error.


      I've tried resaving the file as an idml then back to an indd file, clearing my recovery files and reseting my preference files, testing in CS5, and on another computer.  None of these have led to a solution.  My thinking is that some kind of update has been pushed onto my computer (and the other computer since we're all on the same network), that is causing issues with InDesign.  Any ideas??