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    transferring files in InDesign


      I have creaded several family histories using InDesign CS4 on an older macBook.  I have now puechased a new MacBook Pro and wish to transfer my files to my new computer.  I tried using a flash drive but now all my links are missing and a few fonts.  How can I transfer these Indesign files without having to relink all my photos.  Each file has 700 or 800 photos.  I would also, maybe, try to have my files in a different location than the desk top where they used to be.  When I move my file, my links don't work.  Is there some way to be able to but these files onto my new laptop, and off of the desktop, without having to relink each photo one at a time?   I am still working on these files, and want to be able to still edit and modify them as needed, Thanks for your help.


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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          On the old computer open the files and use File > Package...


          You'll have to install the missing fonts on the new computer, but they'll be included in the packages. Copy the packages to the hard drive -- don't try to work from the flash drive.

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            Bakooba Level 1

            Thank you so much.  I tried it on the first one and it appears to do the trick.  I'm sure the others will also.  I figured there had to be an easier way than relinking everything.  I am so happy.  Yipee!

            Thankful for the quick reply.

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              Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Apart from that what Peter said: If the name of the internal HD and the names of the file/folder structure would be the same on both computers, it should work without packaging…


              Just an idea…
              But I think I'm a little late with that ;-)



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                Bakooba Level 1

                Thanks for the tip.

                I was thinking the same thing and wanted to try that.  When I set up my new Mac I used the default setting and it was different than the account/user name on my older Mac.  I went to the Mac Store to see if someone could help me change that name to match my old one.  The first guy didn't know how, and made me an appoint with a "genius".  That guy didn't think I should try to change the name, it was supposed to be perminant. I guess it could be done but they didn't recommend that.  Neither of them were familiar with InDesign.  I could have solved the problem easy on the initial set up if I knew the ramifications for using the default.  I do believe I may have had to keep that file on the desktop though, since that was my old location I was linked to.


                Thanks again for your input.