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    How can I alter a calendar script to place progressive dates on every day in the calendar year?


      Is there an easy way either to alter the calendar script or create something that will allow for variable text in each day of the year?


      I am creating a calendar for a cattle rancher, and he wants to include a gestation calendar in the design.


      So...instead of the Julian date on every caledar day, he would like to include the date that a calf will be born if the cow had been bred on a particular day.  For example:  On the calendar date, January 1, in that box, another smaller date will appear - 10/9, On January 2 - 10/10 and so on. But, I need this progression to continue throughout the whole year.


      I have attempted to manually enter each date in a separate table and super impose it over the calendar, but this is very slow and very tedious. There has to be a faster way.


      I am comfortable looking at code and can often times figure out which fields to change, but I am a bit lost on this one. Where do I start?


      Please help!