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    Field name without ID when Save As PDF Form




      I couldn't fin anywhere anybody complaining about the same problem, thus I apologise if there is some bascis I don't understand.


      When I'm saving the form from FormsCentral as pdf, then fill the form, and finally export the data to Excel, the labels show an ugly machine-created ID on top of the label value


      Example: my orginial label is " Title" when exported in Excel, the column name becomes : "_2_1_1_1 Title_MLJDCBBxpN-6npaHxT3sWw".

      I can undesrtand the underscores (guess easier to be managed by computers), but I need people working with those forms, with very little IT skills.

      Would be possible to have nicer lables automatically (or hide this kind of ID) ?


      Thank you in advance for any help

      Best  regards

      Juan Manuel

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          Can you clarify a few things:

          Is the original form created in FormsCentral (a form that can be distributed as a web form and/or PDF) or are you importing an existing PDF form?

          Where are you exporting to Excel from?  The "View Responses" tab, or from the actual PDF that you downloaded and filled out?


          You can share your form with me (reference this post in your invite) at jcorey@adobe.com and I can take a look: http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-2462





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            Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

            Hi Juan;


            I recieved your shared form but still need a little clarification on your workflow.  Where are you exporting to Excel from?  Are you getting the filled out PDF back from the customer and exporting to Excel from that PDF?  Are you downloading the response as a PDF using the "Download Response as PDF form" feature and then exporting from the response PDF?


            Please give me the steps you are using to export to Excel.




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              jumablanco Level 1

              Hi Josh,


              Sorry for the confusion, my English is poor.


              Well, let's start saying that I'm working offline. Once I finished my form, I save it as a pdf document. This document is sent to the people to be filled. They send me back the filled file. I open Acrobat, click on Tools, and choose Forms>More Form Options>Merge Data Files into Spreadsheets... and choose the file to have the data exported. When I open the excel file the column titles look horrible, with the above mentioned serials. I just would like to find my labels.

              AND, by the way, with no need to complete all the steps mentioned above: when I save my form in pdf format and then open it on acrobat, if I choose Tools>Forms>Edit, first it says I have to save it as a copy otherwise not possible to edit as a form. Once saved as a copy and opened again, I click on Tools>Forms>Edit and see the awful labels [see attachment].


              Hope is clearer

              Thanks for any help


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                Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



                Those are the field names assigned by FormsCentral for the data collection and there is not an easy way, other than manually changing them in the form itself, or in the spreadsheet.


                My best recommendation since you are not using FormsCentral to collect the data and instead are distributing using email woudl be to edit the PDF before you send it out and update the names there so that all the response PDFs you recieve back are ready to export/merge that data. 


                This FAQ describes how to edit a FormsCentral PDF in Acrobat: