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    Access and edit class from plugin element in Edge


      I'm creating a graph using d3 in Edge Animate. I can't seem to access the classes I apply to my svg elements.


      For example:


      I have a symbol on my Stage called graph, with the class d3graph


      In my d3 code, I create a svg  that I put in my graph symbol and add text to it:

      var svg = d3.select(".d3graph").append("svg").attr('width':100).attr('height':100);

      svg.append('text').attr('class', 'mytext');



      I've tried




      but that doesn't work. When inspecting the webpage in my browser, I can see that the names of the classes I've applied to my Edge symbols changes, but not the names of the svg element classes:


      the class applied to text remains mytext

      while the class applied to graph is now Stage_graph_id d3graph



      How can I access elements with the class mytext in Edge?