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    Question about email campains, newsletters and hosting

    Yves -Disgusted- D. Level 2

      Hi all, i have a client who need a newsletter system, to send the weekly what they call thier "journal" to thier clients... i told them about my new Web solutions
      (i recenly became a premium partner and rebranded BC)


      We will redo thier website and host it on BC.


      They have hundreds of emails accounts. (they are a medium size company) We dont want to mess with that.


      Thier in house IT tech confirmed me that the mail server is hosted apart of thier actual web site.


      So my question is, if we make a new site for that client, and choose the Webmarketing plan, will they be able to have the newsletters, email campains etc.
      even if they dont have any email account inside BC?


      if so, how do we just host a website on bc and have an external email server (managed by some other guy)?


      thanks for helping me on this newbie issue and sorry if my english seems lousy ; )


      hope to hear from you soon.