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    Strange behavior with PSD's

    Ludwig Sanktjohanser

      I'm presently working with a two page document in ID CS5.5. It is a CMYK document with both CMYK and greyscale images.


      The strange behaviour is this: I have one greyscale image (tiff) that repeats on page 1 and page 2. This image looks completely different from page 1 to page 2. I triple checked  everything (opactiy, effects, etc.) and then I began deleting elements on page 2 one by one.


      As I deleted a psd file suddenly all greyscale images on page 2 changed in appearance, to match page 1. The psd file in question is also in cmyk with a transparent background. What the frack is going on?


      I'm more concerned with whether this makes any difference when it goes to print or if it's just weird screen stuff in InDesign.


      Anyone who's heard of this or knows why this happens - would love to hear from you.