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    How I can include and access custom resources in extension package?

    skacperski Level 1

      I would like to include some custom resources in my .zxp package.

      For now I am trying to add some node.js code - I just want to include it in package and then after the extension is loaded use it from jsx script (i.e. app.system("node /path/to/my/node/resource")).


      I tried to add my script to ExtensionContent folder during package export there are a lot of errors with javascript syntax in my package. This I think is due fact that js files are checked/validate against browser js not node.js.


      Anyway I would like to add any custom resource such as executable file etc.


      How I can do it in eclipse Extension Builder project?

      And how I can then find path to such resource?


      If it is not possible to include custom resources in package then is it possible to download them from internet (inside extension code) and ave it localy?


      I am using Extension Builder 3.0.