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    Run time created components

      So I'm pulling several records from a DB and for each record I'm dynamically creating TextArea components at run time to display the content of the row in AS.

      However it seems that not all the attributes for a TextArea are available. This what my code looks like inside a forloop:

      var filterData:TextArea = new TextArea();
      filterData.id = "filter_id__" + phpData[x].data;
      filterData.text = phpData[x].label;
      filterData.editable = false;

      I need to add background colors, set a mouseMove, and other attributes but I get undefined errors when adding the following lines:

      filterData.mouseMove = true;
      filterData.backgroundColor = "#000000";

      do I need to import any other classes to do this?

      Help!! mouseMove and backgroundColor are TextArea attributes when I create the TextArea component in mxml...but not in Action Script....