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    Looking for Demo Assistance/Someone to Ask Questions


      Hello all,


      Our company is looking into RoboHelp 10.  However, I have tried multiple times to request a demo from Adobe's sales department and was always passed to support, who passed me back to sales and so on.  The last person I was able to contact in support let me know they don't do demos of this product.  The guy mentioned just trying out the trial version and setting it up to see if we like it and if we don't, no worries.  Well, we don't have the time or the resources to just try it out to see if it's something we can use.  We are seriously looking for an online help system.


      So with that said, would anyone be interested in sharing how you are using RoboHelp 10 for your clients and maybe talk some features and ease of use of this system.  If so, I would be very grateful for any help so that we can decide if this is something we will want to use. 


      Hopefully, you can send me a private message and I can send them back, so that we can connect.


      Thank you so much!



      P.S.  We are a software company (SAAS) with over 600 clients.