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    Bookmarks with Dynamic Forms


      I have recently converted what once was an Excel workbook with various worksheets into a PDF document with expanding text boxes.  Originally, each worksheet was created as a separate form and I then packaged them (the system wouldn't let me bind them into one because they were XML docs).  My plan was to package and used bookmarks so that users could jump directly to the worksheet they were interested in at the time.  Unfortunately, the 'package' solution was not very functional for the user (took tons of time to load, had to use thumbnails vs. the bookmarks. etc.).  My next idea is to simply create one long PDF document (with each form coming one after another) and bookmarking where each separate worksheet begins.  However, because the text boxes expand in each document, there is no defined length.  A worksheet that would typically start on page 2 may end up starting on page 4 in the document if they were long winded in the first one. 


      Any ideas on how to make this work?  Can you bookmark to worksheet titles vs. Page numbers?  Any other suggestions?