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    The most effective workaround for maintaining italics when importing book-sized Word docs?



      I've never participated in a discussion before--only searched through countless forums to find the answers to my questions. And I always do, but this one slipped through....


      I lost a client today because I couldn't "catch" all the missing italicized words when I imported a 260-page book manuscript into InDesign CS3. The workaround I thought was best was: 1.) Changed "clipboard handling" in InDesign Preferences to "Paste all information: Index markers, swatches, styles".  Knowing that the only "styles" I would be importing were italics, I thought this best. 2.) Once text was imported into my InDesign book, I applied my chosen paragraph style to it. This showed any italicized text in a light red highlight. I proceeded to go through and hunt for all highlighted italicized words and sentences, and apply my set "Italics" character style to them.


      In a 260-page book filled with LOTS of internal thoughts (=italicized sentences) and emphasized words (=italicized words), there was obviously a high margin for "operator error." This was not okay with my client (who's a publisher, which makes it even more frustrating and humiliating).


      I can't help but wonder...what do other book designers do in a case like this? (She claims NONE of her other book designers have these formatting issues.) And can't there be a CLEAR SOLUTION to this vital and problematic issue?


      Even though it won't help in this case, I will hopefully acquire more book design jobs, and this will be yet another issue I can be armed to solve effortlessly. So any fool-proof solutions are welcomed!