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    Cannot start Trial for InDesignServer




      This problem drives me nuts.


      I have installed a fresh new version of Microsoft Server 2012.

      I download the latest version of InDesign-Server for Windows.

      I install Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition 3.1.


      I use booth adobe_prtk.exe from the AAMEE and from the Adobe Provisioning Toolkit Enterprise Edition with


      adobe_prtk.exe --tool=StartTrial --leid=InDesignServer-CS6-Win-GM


      I get this result


      StartTrial Successful

      Return Code = 0


      But if i try to start InDesignServer, the console prompts


      Adobe InDesign Server is not properly licensed and will now quit. (On my machine the german translation of this error).



      What I'm doing wrong?


      The strange thing is... If I call


      adobe_prtk.exe --tool=StartTrial --leid=FooBarFooBarFoo


      the tool says also


      StartTrial Successful

      Return Code = 0



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          MarkusWeiland Level 1

          I have reinstalled the Microsoft 2012 Server and a 2008 R2. I have disabled security settings like User Account Control, internet settings and so on.


          adobe_prtk.exe  gave me on booth machines Return Code 6 what means  "Product whose LEID is entered is not installed on the target computer. "

          Although the InDesignServer was installed...


          But the solutions was quite simple for me:


          If you look in the adobe_prtk logfile (%temp%/oobelib.log or /tmp/oobelib.log) you can see some entrys from a LEID called InDesignServer-CS7-Win-GM.


          And that's it.