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    File output greater than HD




      I need to render a file that is 2160x7680 from After Effects CC.


      I can only managed this as a .MOV and an uncompressed AVI (Massive file resulting in playback issues).


      Is there any other files that I can render to that gives me not massive filesizes and good playback/quality? Ideally an MP4 would have been nice but I assume this is impossible.







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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          What, exactly, are you doing with the output? That is the most important question to answer when deciding what output formats and settings to use.

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            2in1 Level 1

            Hi Todd,


            It's going to be played on a big multiscreen tower at an event (8 x 42" screens in portrait mode in a 2x4 configuration).


            They've tested the .MOV that I rendered and it works fine but they said they would prefer another file format as they need to modify their software to handle the .MOV.






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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              Ask them exactly what file format and settings they have used before for this setup.


              Whenever delivering movies for playback on someone else's system, always get them to specify exactly what they want. Otherwise, you're engaging in guesswork.

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                2in1 Level 1

                They have never done this before! If they have it's been one video per screen - hence asking for MP4s and AVIs which is fine for 1920x1080.


                They've never had one video playing across 8 screens before and in the portrait configuration.

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Highly compressed MPEG formats have strict frame size requirements. If you are outside those size requirements MPEG compression simply will not work.


                  in my humble opinion you would be better served looking for software that would sync up multiple MPEG, or MP4 streams. Then drop up your completed comp into multiple standard HD compositions, render each as a separate file, then playback synchronized streams.


                  A Google search brings up this option.


                  https://community.freescale.com/mobile/mobile-access.jspa#jive-document?content=%2Fapi%2Fc ore%2Fv2%2Fdocuments%2F93788


                  I hope the link works because I pulled it from my iPhone.

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                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    I know there are lots of options for this.

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                      2in1 Level 1

                      Thanks Rick.


                      That was my backup option - doing multiple comps (1080x1920) showing bits of the big one. Since everything is working as one video - it is key that any media playback for multiple videos has to start at the same time.


                      They weren't sure their playback system could do that but were confident they could alter it to do that.




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                        2in1 Level 1

                        Todd or Rick,

                        In your experience - to playback this sort of file resolultion - would the PC need a good processor, loads of memory and a awesome graphics card - perhaps all three....and more!


                        I rendered out a 15second test .MOV Animation Codec 50% quality and the client said it worked great. I then gave them a 2min .MOV with the same settings and they said the playback was stop and start. That's when I thought perhaps it's a hardware issue and not the file coming out of After Effects.


                        What do you think?







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                          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Sounds like the data rate may be too high for their system. The short one allowed their computer to get it loaded into RAM for playback, but the longer one is simply to long for the RAM and it's outrunning their hard drive.


                          Try Quicktime with the PhotoJPEG codec for a (hopefully) lower data rate. I wonder if their software could handle DNxHD or Cineform codecs. Those tend to be quite small and playable. Also, ask about WMVs. I haven't tested that size, but WMVs can be very highly compressed and might work well for them if their system can handle it.

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                            2in1 Level 1

                            Thanks Szalam!


                            I will try the alternative formats as you suggested.


                            If I told you who my client was - you would fall off your chair! You would have thought if any company in this world had a system that could handle anything then it would be these guys


                            I can't say who they are unfortunately - that would be unprofessional.


                            Thanks again




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                              2in1 Level 1

                              This is the spec of the PC playing back to the video wall...


                              CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-4770S Processor (8M Cache, up to 3.9 GHz)

                              Memory: 2x8GB (16GB total)

                              Hard Drive: Intel® SSD 520 Series 120GB

                              Gfx Card: VisionTek AMD Radeon HD7870

                              Video output config: 4 mini-DP outputs from Gfx Card


                              The memory is a bit low - surely 64gb or 128gb would be better for this.


                              The AMD graphics card only has 2GB of RAM - would having a better GPU with more RAM improve performance of the video?






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                                Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                The computer specs are pretty average for a presentation machine, IMHO.


                                As someone who has produced plenty of large multi-screen content over the years, I assure you - you would be crazy to attempt to play that kind of resolution from one file.  It will be plagued with playback issues and be very unreliable.


                                There are plenty of software and hardware tools to make the playback of such content work reliably using split video files, across one system with multiple outputs, or across multiple systems, while retaining perfect sync between files.


                                A higher-end option is Dataton's Watchout.


                                A lower-end option is Pro Video Player.

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                                  2in1 Level 1

                                  Thank you so much Andrew. I'll pass on your recommendations to my client and see what happens. But to me the Watchout solution looks ideal.


                                  So I would have to split my video into 8 - each panel will have in this case a 1080x1920 video file playing and the Watchout solution joins them up and plays them at the same time etc.






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                                    Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                    Watchout is certainly the Rolls Royce, if your client has the budget.


                                    I'm presuming that, given the resolution configuration you've mentioned, your output is being displayed on 8 x 1920x1080 portrait-oriented displays, 2 screens wide x 4 screens high - like this:








                                    The After Effects Render Queue is ideal for creating this kind of output.  You can use the Crop tools in an Output Module to define each section of the content for each video split, so if you stack multiple Output Modules into one Render Queue item, After Effects only needs to render once, but creates all the individual streams in the same pass.  Personally, I render a Lossless full-frame master, plus lossless versions of the split clips, then I just encode the split stuff in Adobe Media Encoder for final compressed output files.  Typically for Watchout you would use Quicktime H264, Quicktime PhotJPEG, or MPEG4 files.


                                    8 full HD streams is a lot to ask of any single display card.  Since your output machine has 4 MDP outputs, I'd strongly recommend using a second computer, with an additional 4 outputs, to drive 4 of the displays - one output per screen.

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                                      2in1 Level 1

                                      Hello all,


                                      Bit of feedback...


                                      Just to let you know that the video worked great at the event. We changed the media player from Quicktime to Media Player Classic which used a lot less processor and memory. It played the video perfectly from the PC and looped without pause. It was left running for 60hours with no incident.


                                      Thanks all for your comments and advice.