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      We have set up our forms so that when an applicant applies, they receive a confirmation email. Some particpiants either do not get the emails, or have complained that they have been sent to their emergency contact email listed in their form.


      Please help

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          The Email Reciept will be sent to whichever field you defined on the Email Reciepts tab, are there multiple email address fields in the form?  One idea from reading your issue is that you may have two email address fields in the form and are expecting emails to be sent to one of them, but the other (emergency contact email) is the one selected to recieve email reciepts. 


          Double check that you have the expected field selected on the Email Reciepts tab, it is a good idea to test the form out yourself to confirm that it is set up as you expect.


          The most common cause of users not seeing the email is when they are filtered out as spam, if the above did not resolve the issue users should check their spam filters.




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