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    Help with validation errors


      I have an employment app in PHP that was written by someone else.  When run through the validator it had 900 errors.  I have rewritten the app and have a few errors I don't know how to fix (I am unfamiliar with PHP).  The employment app can be found here:  http://preview.stpha.org/applyonline.php.  Also there is a file "sentapp.php" that sends file to an email box.


      Here are the errors I don't understand:


      1.  Line 462, Column 29: there is no attribute "onSubmit"

      <form name="stpha" onSubmit="return makeAlert('Employment Application- Errors',…


      2.  Line 656, Column 71: there is no attribute "onClick"

      …" name="relation" value="Yes" onClick="showRel((document.getElementById('relat…

      3.  Line 2665 (2679 & 2673), Column 85: character "[" is not allowed in the value of attribute "id"

      …to upload: <input name="uploadedfile[]" type="file" id="uploadedfile[]" /></td>

      4.  Line 2669 (& 2673), Column 76: ID "uploadedfile[]" already defined

      …to upload: <input name="uploadedfile[]" type="file" id="uploadedfile[]" /></td>


      Thanks for any help you can provide.