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    Challenge: How to capture & upload a video clip from webcam?

      Hello FLEX experts. I didn't expect this to be difficult at all but now I think this is going to be a challenge...

      In the web application I'm building, I'd like my users to record a short self introductory video clip from their webcam, review it and, rerecord if necessary, and then submit to the server. This introductory clip becomes part of their profile. This could be a useful feature for many applications (for example, a dating service).

      This is kind of similar to Lee's last tutorial, only instead of encoding a bitmap to PNG, I'd need to encode a video stream to an FLV file (or stream the video into a file).

      I have zero experience with flex but after spending a whole day searching for examples and reading the documentation for the Camera, Video, NetConnect and NetStream classes, it seems like the only possible way to achieve this is using the Flash Media Server. Using FMS for such a trivial task seems to be an overkill, doesn't it?

      Is there an simpler solution? Is this really such a big challenge?

      Thanks in advance!!!