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    Combining indexes...


           I create owner’s manuals for machines used in the oil field. The indexes of these manuals list part numbers, part names and various nut and bolt sizes. I generated each index by "click - highlight - add new entry". We have several machines that we build. Some are very similar and some very different. I want to create a master index using all of the part numbers, part names and various nut and bolt sizes from all of the manuals I have created. Is there any way that I can combine the information from all of these publications instead of click - highlight - add new entry - blah blah blah 4000+ times?


      I also want to include every single part that is in our inventory. We use ERP software (ABAS) that I can produce a spreadsheet of all of these parts.


      I do use a PC. I do use InDesign CS5.


      Thank you in advance and have a Merry Christmas!