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    Animate Clipping Mask, Hover Animations




      I'm looking for a way to animate a link with a hover feature. I would like the link to be initally blank, but after hovering hover the link, a colored rectangle of sorts slides in from left to right, essentially creating a new background color. When the cursor moves off of the link, the colored rectangle in the background would slide back to the left, disappearing.


      After some thought, initially it sounds like an animation of clipping masks. Not sure if this is possible in Edge, or if I am on the right track.


      Another hover animation that looks as if it would be some sort of clipping mask is found here on this site: http://www.watsondg.com/archive/2013/thekingsofsummer/#/


      I love the link to the right of the screen that says "Watch the trailer." It's a simple, beautiful animation that gives the site a great look. Anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this look within muse? Thanks!