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    Shared Storage to handle multiple seats for UHD-4k,8k and larger res-am I dreaming?

    philc452 Level 1

      Is this possible?


      In our shop we work in very large canvases in AE and PPro for Live Event Production. Lots of compositing in 4k up to and sometimes beyond 8k. AE for the heavy compositing with mediocre RAM previews. PPro for PreViz playback with realtime performance a must in HD and most times in 4k.


      We have been working thru setting up appropriate workstations to handle the performance and are making progress. We have historically been on all Macs but branching out to PC for the better performance capabilities. And testing render farms for big renders.


      Storage is the next project. We have 10-15 AE artists and 5-8 PPro editors that would benefit form a shared storage solution. Is this possible with current storage technoloigy? Or would it be more efficient to look into local storage like SAS...or?


      Would appreciate any input.


      Oh...and this Adobe Anywhere sounds very interesting in our workflow....any opinions? Again....not talking about hd or lower res....4k and above.