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    denoiser ii removes grain but stays noisey


      As you can see here one side is the 6,400 iso footage and the other is the same but with denoiser ii set at 300%


      really trying to learn good film looks but getting good footage at iso 100/200 is impossible 99percent of the time


      i seem to be caught up here, it's like when other people use high iso they get noise and use denoiser at a low percent and their footage looks great but i get this immense grain and denoiser removes that but leaves the noise!, will i have to precomp then denoise again because it's already slow enough to render!


      600D canon

      35mm ef/2 prime

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Provide screenshots. Trying to denoise a compressed format like H.264 and then uploading to a service that adds another level of compression makes no sense if you really want clean advise.. That aside, you're probably gonna have to live with some noise. 6400 ISO for video is pretty crazy. In any case, you most likely simply need additional work like reducing block artifacts first...



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I hate to have to say this but great looking digital video that looks like great looking cinema starts before you even roll the camera. You have to understand and properly use light and shadow. Your sample shot is extremely flat so making it look much different is not going to be very easy and will involve a lot more than simply trying to remove the noise.


            It's also very hard to tell what we are looking at because the example is so highly compressed.


            Your best options, work at the highest bit depth your plug-ins support or use the Compander to round trip to 32 bit, render to a DI (digital intermediate) using a good production codec, then compress the DI and see how that looks.