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    TechCommSuite - Index import problem

      Have been working with the 30-day trial and have discovered that Robohelp will not import structured Index elements. All our documents have been converted to Structured FM and we also (logically) used the structured elements for our index entries so that they are easy to find and visible in the structured view. Turns out that the Robohelp live-link to FM doesn't support these index markers, it only recognizes unstructured index entries that are buried in the text. We were hoping to buy this software to replace our current Structured FM7.2 plus WebWorks solution, but this makes it impossible. We don't want to convert index entries back to Unstructured and, even if we did, the UI makes it very difficult to do - you have to create new entries, copy the content from the old entry, and then delete the old entry.
      Waiting to hear from Adobe if this functionality is going to appear in any later release.