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    Edge Commons Sound Not working in all Browsers

    amber_abb Level 1



      I am using Edge Commons library to work with sounds. And as suggested I use yepnope to upload the file.


      Now the issue I have is that sound does not play on all devices or browsers. I checked the OGG files and everything is fine.


      And here is weird part. I found two defferent sources for this library. And I get different sound results with them.






      If I load "http://cdn.edgecommons.org/an/1.0.2/js/min/EdgeCommons.js", Sound is audible on iPad, IPhone, and Laptops (Safari, Chrome). But It does not play on Firefox browser



      If I load "http://simonwidjaja.github.com/EdgeCommons/live/EdgeCommons-0.6.0.js", then sound plays on all browsers on laptop but does not play on iPad or iPhone


      Does anyone know how to tackle this problem?