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    Very slow render on my beast of a machine


      Hello, I have an issue whereby my rendering is very slow. I am using premier elements 12 with a windows 8.1 computer that has an 8-core amd 8350 processor, 8 gbs of ram, and I have an AMD 7970 6gb video card crossfired with an AMD 280x video card. Crossfire probably doesnt even work, but even with just the 280x, it should be faster than this.


      I capture game footage, which is captured in xvid format, which I then import into PE12. I don't add any effects, other than some color tweaking, and some brightness/contrast tweaking. Then I export it in the same specifications it was captured in (1080p 30fps). A 7 minute video takes about 20 minutes to render/export using MP4 codec. If I try to use other codecs, it takes even longer. On my Mac Pro, using other programs like iMovie, this sake video would take like 2 minutes, and it only has a 4-core processor at a much slower clock speed, and only has a 6870 amd video card, which is like 1/4 the power. I feel that either the 8-cores aren't being used, or something else is wrong. No rendering that doesn't involve complicated effects should take longer to render than the footage length is. If the video is 10 minutes long, it should take 1 minute to render if it doesn't have chroma keying or anything heavy like that. How do I fix this?