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    Fireworks styles

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      Im trying to use this style:




      in fireworks cs6 to make a logo for a psd template.it works fine but wen i save the mockup as a psd file, in the next day i reopen this psd file and the logo instead of the glossy plastic style pink appears red.Also the pages disappear , and theres only one page there in the psd copy, while in the copy of the same document as png file all is there the way i left it the day befiore.

      How can i work arround this?

      Is there a downloadable file update for styles for fireworks that is compatible whith psd or better yet can anyone poit me to a place were there´s a list of photoshop and fireworks compatible styles and patterns and stuff like that so wen i save the fireworks document as psd file in the next day wen i reopen it its just the way i left it the day before, or can anyone tell me if a psd template made in fireworks saved as a psd file has the same apearence in both programs, i know that fireworks doesnt have the same fonts as photoshop cause wen i open a psd file it allways asks about the fonts from photoshop that are differrent, i want to know about the images and graphics too.