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    New PC questions - CPU and hard drive


      Hey guys, I'm planning on building a new editing PC and have a couple of questions:




      Would you recommend the i7-4930K (6 cores, "old" Ivy Bridge architecture) over the i7-4770K (4 cores, new Haswell architecture)? Is it worth the additional price, also regarding the mainboard?


      Hard drives:


      I'm planning to put Previews and Media Cache on an SSD. I know about the implications regarding cell wear, but I think the speed increase will be worth it.


      Do you think it makes sense to split OS/Programs/Pagefile and Media Cache/Previews to two small SSDs or would it be better to get a single large one?


      Also, is there a noticeable difference between the performance of the Samsung 840 EVO and the 840 Pro? Is the Pro worth the additional price?


      Operating system:


      Is there any performance advantage of Windows 8 over Windows 7? Otherwise I think I will stick with 7.


      Thanks for any help!

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          tw_wff Level 1

          Read that of course, but didn't find an answer to those specific questions. That's why I put them up here.

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            cc_merchant Level 4

            You did not read carefully enough:


            11xx versus 2011 platform,

            PCIe lanes,

            memory slots,

            number of cores,

            L3 cache,



            just to name a few differences.


            The EVO is not worth it, the Pro is far better. Windows 7 is no longer sold. http://www.networkworld.com/news/2013/120613-microsoft-ends-windows-7-retail-276673.html

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              tw_wff Level 1

              Thanks cc_merchant for the infos. Some additional remarks that might clarify why I asked those questions:


              More PCIe lanes, memory slots and cores sounds nice and all, but I'm wondering whether that will actually give a big benefit in Premiere or if the Haswell architecture improvements in the quad cores would make the i7-4770K the better choice. I plan to keep the PC at 32 GB of RAM.


              According to a test I've read (sadly only available in German: http://www.computerbase.de/artikel/laufwerke/2013/samsung-ssd-840-evo-im-test/4/), the EVO drives actually outperform the Pro version in many real world scenarios. Only when the additional write buffer is filled (3 to 12 GB), the performance drops below the Pro. So I was wondering if somebody actually tried both of them with Premiere.


              In Germany it's possible (and allowed) to buy and install OEM versions, so I can still buy a Windows 7 licence.


              What about the hard drive allocation for OS/Programs/Pagefile/Media Cache/Previews - one big SSD or two small SSDs? Transfer rate usually increases with size and IOPS are huge on an SSD anyways, so is there a reason to use e.g. 2 x 256 GB instead of 1 x 512 GB?

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                I am an amateur and hardly an expert, but here are some ideas. 


                Currently, I have Win 7 OS, Adobe CS5, MS Visual Studio, MS Office Home Edition 2010, along with several other apps, on a 128gb Samsung 830 model SSD.  The space used is 64gb.  So the drive is only half full, and I could remove some items (such as my kid's Minecraft server and some other stuff) to get back a bit more space.  I installed Win 7 OS without hibernate and some other functionality that I do not use - which cut the size down to around 13gb.  So my point is, for only OS and apps, depending on what you plan to install, a 128gb SSD can be fine for OS/Apps/Win swap file.  I am not sure if you could also fit the CS media cache/preview on the 128gb drive though.  I think to share a drive like that, you would want a 256gb drive for OS/Programs/Pagefile/Media Cache/Previews.  512gb might be overkill - depending on your usage.


                I recently got a nice deal on an i7-4770k CPU to upgrade my system, and will probably go with something like this for the drive setup (once I finalize the motherboard selection):

                (1) 128gb SSD - OS/apps/Win swap file

                (2) 256gb SSD raid 0 - Projects/Media/(possibly Renders)

                (2) 128gb SSD raid 0 - CS caches/previews

                (2) 1TB platters raid 1 - media/stock footage/incremental project backup


                I am still playing around in my head with the above, particularly the main storage and backup scheme to use, and how I might want to incorprate my other PCs/server for storage.  Because my projects are smaller than some, I can get away with 500gb for projects and media (and probably even the renders), as long as I archive my projects when done.  I kind of like the idea of being able to have a simple backup or restore of a project/media/render all in the same folder structure, instead of strung out over multiple drives.


                Regarding PCIe lanes, here is the problem I have found, and why I asked a question here a few days ago related to PCIe cards.  I was looking at the Gigabyte Z87X-UD5H board.  After installing a graphics card on that board, the PCIe x1 slots 2 and 3 would be blocked and of no use.  The only PCIe slot available on the board, would be the x1 slot above the graphics card.  The other slots further down on the board, cannibalize the graphics card slot.  So with the UD5H board, I would effectively have only one x1 PCIe slot, if I wanted to install an expansion card. 


                On the other hand, the Gigabyte Z87X-UD4H board would have an additional X4 PCIe slot available.  This is because the 3rd x16 sized PCIe slot does not cannibalize the graphics card slot.  Hope that makes sense.  The main point I am trying to make in these board example is, with the Haswell platform, as mentioned there are limited lanes, and so the board config takes on greater importance.  But if you will never install any cards then I guess who cares.  Install the graphics card in Haswell platform and forget about it.

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                  Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant



                  I have tried both the 840 PRO and 840 EVO.  The Premiere Pro write performance of the EVO is terrible.  So it depends on your usage, but I returned my EVO's and got more PRO's.



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                    JEShort01 Level 4

                    My reply is to the original post...


                    - 4930k better - indeed! For heavy work (multi-layers, AVCHD, etc.), 6-cores are definitely better than 4. X79 motherboards also bring more "lanes" to the equation for increased PCIe speed and expansion room


                    - Don't waste your time and effort on SSD media caching. Premiere benefits from extra RAM (i.e. 32GB helps, more than that helps After Effects but not necessarily Premiere Pro).


                    - Splitting files to two SSDs would be more trouble to manage and the benefit would be marginal at best. Doing a RAID 0 for your boot/os/cache does help. I run that way and do regular image backups of that array in case I ever have a hardware issue. There are lots of individuals that say never RAID 0 your boot drive, however I love speed!


                    - Don't mess w/ EVOs if you want speed; the marketing hype and benchmarking that looks good is using (I'm pretty sure) RAM to supplement this models rather weak write speed to perform well. Premiere Pro on the other hand is doing huge, sustained reads and writes to your drives. In fact, large 7200rpm drive arrays still seem to have the best bang for the buck over SSDs for video work.


                    - Either Win7 or Win8 should both work fine for Premeire Pro. Take your pick based on other reasons. (i.e. Win7 works like most of us are accustomed, Win8 has Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility, etc.)





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                      tw_wff Level 1

                      Thanks Indio22, Bill Gehrke and especially JEShort01 for your suggestions. Those were the kind of answers that I was hoping to get.


                      I will go for the i7-4930K together with a 512 GB Samsung 840 Pro for OS/Programs/Cache and an HDD RAID10 for Media/Projects that I can't afford to lose. As for the graphics card I will probably pick up a GTX 780.