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    Scripting & PS question

    Tim! Level 1

      I have modified a script that I've found to create numerous panoramas, so that I can walk away and not babysit my computer.  The script is working fine, but there are a couple of other issues that I'm now trying to work out.


      Before I created this script, I'd select the images that I wanted to use to create my pano in LR and then pass them to Photomerge/Panorama in PS.  My LR settings are set so that it passes 16-bit, ProPhoto RGB files to PS.  However, when I use my script approach, PS is opening my files as 8-bit, Adobe RGB files.


      I can't figure out how (if it's possible) to open my files as 16-bit, ProPhoto files in PS for my script; in fact, I can't even figure out how to open them in PS in this manner at all without first going through LR.  And, I can't write a script that starts from LR.


      Any suggestions?  Should I start in Bridge and if so, can I write a script that starts there and then passes the 16-bit, ProPhoto files to PS?  I'm not familiar (yet) with the capabilities of Bridge.


      Thanks to all for your consideration and responses!