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    Session is lost when navigate

    gayanb Level 1
      when navigation on website the session variables get deleted which is set on memberHome.cfm.
      Here is that code.
      session.Loginmember = authenticated;
      (authenticated is a struct)
      But when I'm navigated that variable can not be accessed.(eg-editProfile page can not get the details as session.LoginMember)
      On that URL it do not have the CFID and CFTOKEN variables.
      On Application.cfc I have set
      THIS.Name = "Test";
      THIS.sessionManagement = true;
      THIS.sessionTimeout = CreateTimeSpan(0, 0, 20, 0);
      THIS.setClientCookies = false;
      THIS.clientManagement = true;
      THIS.loginStorage = "session";
      THIS.scriptProtect = "all";

      I can not set client cookies true.
      And also making addtoken = true is possible only on cflocation tags as far as I know. But I want them on <a href> tags also.