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    CS6 asked after more than a year again ID


      ter more than one year using CS6 photoshop, it asked fot the serial number. After i fill this it sai I am not using the rigt number. But in My Adobe its the same. After restarting CS6 again it said I am using a demoversion. So how can I things right to use CS6 again?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          If CS6 is not activated it will run as a 30 Day trial version.  Menu Help should show that.  The cs6 your running should be have Activate item not a deactivate item in the help menu list of items.  Make sure you copied the serial number from Your Adobe My Product CS6 correctly. And try to use the Activate item in the help menu. It should ask for your serial number.  If ir does not take it call Adobe.