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    Fade Movieclip

    MYAE2 Level 1

      Please help me to have control over the speed of the fades and transitions between photos in my phot gallery.
      My action script so far looks like this:

      Thank you
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          as far as having control over fade ins you just work with

          if (picture._alpha<100)
          picture._alpha += 10;
          if you want it slower replace picture._alpha += 10; with picture._alpha += 1;
          the slowest would be increments of 1 since alpha ranges from 1 to 100

          i don`t know about transitions
          from what i can see you are using previous and next buttons ( transition should be instant on pressing )
          if you want it to fade out it probably have to look like this

          function nextImage() {
          if (p<(total-1)) {
          for (var t=0; t<10; t++)
          picture._alpha -= 10;
          if (loaded == filesize) {
          picture._alpha = 0;
          picture.loadMovie(image[p], 1);
          desc_txt.text = description[p];
          EXPLAIN :

          for (var t=0; t<10; t++)
          picture._alpha -= 10;
          this will loop 9 times decreasing the alpha of the photo 10 percent at a time
          so that makes it 90% decreased and then 2 lines down you`ll have picture._alpha = 0 ; which makes it the 10th time so the photo should be gone

          I really appologize if i have mistaken .. i didn`t actually try what i wrote but i makes sense to me :))

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            dwkd Level 1
            btw this kinda looks like a kirupa tutorial :P
            no harm .. just wanted to say it's a good site
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              MYAE2 Level 1
              Thanks, but this does not work. I need a code which can adjust the length of the fade. For example, if I want the first image to fade in for 1, 2, or 3 seconds, etc.
              Yes, kirupa.com is a fabulous site.