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    Cinema 4D lite objects in After Effects - lights and shadows


      Hello, how do you get an imported Cinema 4D object to react to a AE light to cast a shadow?


      1. I apply the Track Camera Effect to my footage

      2. I select track points, right click the Red Target, and 'Create Shadow Catcher, Camera and Light'

           a. Light Options - Cast Shadows On

           b. Shadow Catcher - Accepts Lights Only

           c. Renderer - Standard(Final)

      3. I import a C4D object and set CINEWARE to 'Comp Camera'.


      The C4D object tracks correctly to the camera, but the object does not accept the AE light and does not cast a shadow from this

      light onto the Shadow Catcher layer. Can't seem to find the answer in any online tutorials. Thanks for you help!


      Rob C.