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    dragEnter in parent showing reject despite acceptDrag

      i have a little subclass of a Canvas that is a child of an HBox, and i'm working with drag-n-drop behaviors.

      the canvas has its mouseDown call DragManager.doDrag

      the parent HBox has dragEnter and dragDrop listeners.

      the dragEnter listener simply calls
      DragManager.acceptDragDrop( event.currentTarget, myformat );

      i'm trying to re-arrange my canvases within the HBox parent, and it works as expected when i'm over my canvases. but if i'm NOT over my canvases, and simply over HBox, the reject skin is showing (the red circle with the white 'x').

      does anyone have any idea why, despite defining the dragEnter listener on the HBox, the DragManager thinks that the HBox is rejecting the drag when it's not over one of the HBox children?