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    external cast problem

      Hello, I am new to Director mx but i believe i'm up for the task of doing what has to be done.

      My problem: I need to load in and external cast that was made a long time ago, load a couple of its members change some fonts and save it back out. all with lingo or javascript.

      So i started out by creating a new movie. then in the score i add a new FrameScript it is located in the internal class

      Then i make a new cast and call it dummy.

      In the framescript in the internal class i do the following

      var myCast = castLib("dummy");
      myCast.FileName = "C:\path\editingcast.cst"; - editingcast.cst has mor then 10 members.

      what it prints out is strange. it prints out 1 which is the number of members i have in my internal cast ie the script currently running. I know its the script because when i ask to print the first members name it prints out my script name.

      when i run the code to see what the name of my cast file im working on it prints out dummy. But the member that it prints out isn't a part of the dummy cast.

      Im very very confused.

      Why is it not letting me access the newly linked cast?